Define Learning

May 12, 2019: (in 3-5 words) comprehension with application May 12, 2019: (first attempt) Learning is a lifelong process of acquiring, understanding/comprehending, applying and sharing information, skills and/or experiences. May 13, 2019: (after reading my classmates' definitions) It is a cognitive or experiential process of acquisition, understanding, application that may change an individual's perspective.


“I Learned Nothing”

It was seven o'clock in the morning, the sun was already up. Alexis, a senior agriculture university student, was on her way to the classroom to take an exam that she missed the day before.  She wanted the exam to be over so she could focus on her thesis manuscript and other class reports. Everything… Continue reading “I Learned Nothing”

Hitting the Floor and Getting Up

Lindsey is a bright elementary student. Her siblings are intelligent as well. Her parents both finished PhD's and are working in the academe and are into research. Lindsey got two mistakes in her Math exam. She received a severe beating from her parent. Every time she gets few points shy on being perfect in class,… Continue reading Hitting the Floor and Getting Up

The Mirror and The Window

We have studied this in theory. We have our experiences to back us up. We have to build a classroom environment wherein helping others grow alongside yourself is as beneficial as focusing on one's own progress. Students can be active agents in their classroom learning experience, especially in the process of assessment. Yes, teachers are not… Continue reading The Mirror and The Window

School in Trial

I Just Sued the School System - Prince Ea I stumbled upon this video posted by UNILAD on Facebook. The statements reminded me of what I have been studying about curriculum, assessment and the education system here in the Philippines. The video hit major points or areas in the education system with the accusation of… Continue reading School in Trial

My Jojo Story: When Does A Person Die?

When I was a little girl, I used to believe that life and death has one process: the oldest dies first, then the next, until the youngest dies last. So in a family of five (three siblings and parents), I believed that my father, who is the oldest in the house, will die first. My… Continue reading My Jojo Story: When Does A Person Die?

Looking at Little Miss Redundant

Little Miss Redundant is my tutorial student for almost four years now. When I first came into her life as her private tutor, I did not have any idea how I could teach her and make her improve in school. I just knew how to teach her school lessons. And that's it. Assessing her was… Continue reading Looking at Little Miss Redundant

Prof eXperience

Experience is a hard teacher because she gives the test first, the lesson afterward. -Vernon Law There are various ways to gather evidence of learning from students. Different tools are being used in order to assess a student's learning outcome like written tests and recitations among others. I firmly believe that quantitative assessment tools such… Continue reading Prof eXperience

“I want to be a teacher.”

This is a usual reply I receive whenever I ask a child what he or she wants to be in the future. I used to utter the same statement, too. It is a simple statement yet it holds in it a profession that is complex and challenging. My first week in studying at the University… Continue reading “I want to be a teacher.”