The Mirror and The Window

We have studied this in theory. We have our experiences to back us up. We have to build a classroom environment wherein helping others grow alongside yourself is as beneficial as focusing on one’s own progress.

Students can be active agents in their classroom learning experience, especially in the process of assessment. Yes, teachers are not the only agents of assessment. Aside from the assessment tools and evaluation from teachers, the students will be able to see themselves in their learning journey through two other different lenses.



The student looks at himself/herself. This is a process of self-assessment. Personal thoughts are processed and expressed. The student has to articulate his or her own reception of the lesson. Was there any learning after the classroom discussion? Did I understand the topic? How did I perform as a student in this subject? How was my involvement in our group activity?

Students will come to see how much they have learned, how well they have participated and what things they still need to make their learning at school more effective and fruitful.



The student looks at others. This is a process of peer assessment which can be done by pair or in a group. A student evaluates the performance of his or her peer, usually a classmate or teammate. There can also be a guiding format for this kind of assessment, but sometimes, giving the students freedom to express their evaluation of their peers may show valid information that was not foreseen by the teacher.

Students will come to express their evaluation on the performances of others. One of the critical values that can be developed here is the value of honesty. There is a tendency that students will either over-assess or under-assess their peer/s based on personal or non-academic reasons.


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