School in Trial

I Just Sued the School System – Prince Ea

I stumbled upon this video posted by UNILAD on Facebook. The statements reminded me of what I have been studying about curriculum, assessment and the education system here in the Philippines.

The video hit major points or areas in the education system with the accusation of the “crime”, educational malpractice.

First, there has been no change in the school format of education since 150 years ago as presented in the lawyer’s (Prince Ea) exhibit. The format of one teacher in front of dozens of students sitting inside a classroom did not changed in general unlike the upgrading of vehicles and communication devices. He (the lawyer) argued that if things such as cars have been through numerous upgrades to fit the needs of the present or the future, then the education system should have undergone upgrades, too, to improve learning among students.

Second, there was also an attack on curricula used at schools which are formed, in one way or another, by policymakers. This process has a tendency to disregard the uniqueness of school contexts — the students, teachers, school officials, parents and school environment/climate. At present, there are attempts at shifting from solely central-based curriculum to school-based curriculum in countries such as Singapore.

Third, this video clearly shows the interconnected relationship of learning goals, curriculum, procedures and assessment. It acknowledges that students are diverse; they have various needs and unique learning styles. Standardized tests do not define the intellectual capacity of a student, and implementing the curriculum should not be limiting a student’s learning experience.

The lawyer pointed out other “grievances” or “evidence” of modern schooling as an interference to a person’s education. I believe there is a quote I read on my high school journal stating the same thought:

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.

It could be Mark Twain or Grant Allen, but nevertheless, they made a point.


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