“I want to be a teacher.”

This is a usual reply I receive whenever I ask a child what he or she wants to be in the future. I used to utter the same statement, too. It is a simple statement yet it holds in it a profession that is complex and challenging.

My first week in studying at the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) already opened my eyes and gave me a glimpse of the reality of the education system in my country. It impressed on me that my country needs quality teachers to aid in developing quality students.

In my class on EDS 113 Principles and Methods of Assessment, anecdotes upon anecdotes of assessment failures in school made me realize that achieving the desired learning outcome of a student is not a piece of cake. Educational assessment is a tedious and conscious effort of the teacher in reaching his/her goal: make this certain student learn this certain lesson. The teacher is fully aware or should be fully aware, rather, of the development of the student’s learning. Every tool being used whether it is a short quiz or a final exam, every evaluation, every encounter with the student in school affects his/her overall learning status. Whatever the result may be, this will affect the future of the student in one way or another.

At the course of my journey in the academe, I do hope I will learn how to effectively conduct assessments and teach with excellence. This is not easy. The process is tedious. But I firmly believe that to get the best quality, gold must be put in a crucible and undergo a refiner’s fire. For my country to have quality teachers, a great deal of refining should be done.


-a realization. Be the best teacher that your students need.

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